The story of Sirigos Deluxe Furniture began in 1924, when Jacob Sirigos founded his historic store on Patission street, next to the National Technical University of Athens. Very quickly, the Sirigos name became synonymous with quality furniture, a legacy which was established during the golden age of Greek Cinema; this was the period in which the classic Jacob Sirigos’ furniture design featured in all the Finos Films movies.
From 1924 to this day, three generations later, many things have changed in the furniture industry and in the company itself. Having focused on the design and reconstruction of interior spaces and on the creation of customized furniture and special carpentry, we now also take on further projects. These vary from Public Sector projects and hotel renovations to the construction of wood sculptures on behalf of well-known artists.
Today, Nikos and Anastasia Sirigou, the 3rd generation of furniture-makers, maintain the same passion as their father George and their grandfather Jacob. Together they are driving the business forward with dynamism into the new era of furniture design and furniture-making.


In the nearly 100 years of our history one thing has remained intact; our passion for quality, both for the end product that we deliver and for the services provided during the entire duration of a project, no matter its size.
Having adopted the newest technologies and wood-processing techniques, after being certified with the FSC - one of the most prominent certificates in the raw materials market - and being fully aligned with all European Union rules and regulations, we remain committed to our sole aim of constantly evolving.


At Sirigos Deluxe Furniture we approach each project with respect towards the given space. We give priority to the creation of spaces that will have a unique personality by using the most modern materials combined with wood, so that they fully blend in with the surrounding environment.
By constantly staying on top of new technologies and trends in the art of furniture-making, we offer customized solutions of high quality and unique design that meet the specific requirements of each space and of the people that live in it.